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发布者:ISA Tianhe 爱莎天河 2021-06-30 09:06:53


On June 18, 2021, the Story Inquiry Learning Achievements Exhibition was successfully held at the ISA Tianhe International School of Guangzhou. A fruitful achievement for ISA Tianhe students celebrated a semester of learning and exploration by showing visitors a selection of charming stories.

2021年6月18日,以 “故事” 为主题的探究成果展在广州天河爱莎外籍人员子女学校校园内顺利举行,这场由爱莎天河学子们通过一学期的精心播种而收获的丰硕的成果,为到场的参观者们带来了一场视觉盛宴。

The exhibition was divided into four parts: Legend Story, Folk Story, Fable Story, Celebrity Story. These featured the carefully designed works of the students, and magnificent hand-painted Story scroll with students confidently presenting their unique understanding of different stories. Words cannot describe the tremendous success of this exhibition, or the great satisfaction of visitors who saw what the students had achieved.


Y1 Legend Story: Pangu Kai Tian


Mentor 指导老师: Ms. Amy

"By learning Chinese and foreign legend stories, we guide students to understand the emotions expressed by people in the stories and stimulate students' interest in reading legend stories. We learn teamwork in the form of acting, communicating effectively with our peers, and working together to complete a creative performance. This experience has cultivated students' curiosity about legend stories. The students not only increased their enthusiasm for learning, but also expanded their knowledge of Chinese culture while learning to demonstrate their understanding of the legend story "Pangu Kai Tian".


Y2 Fairy Story: Ma Liang


Mentor 指导老师: Ms. Lyn

“In this investigation, we read many domestic and foreign fairy tales, learned the content and structure of the story, and expressed our emotions by making mind maps, looking at pictures and compiling stories. In addition, we also adapted the story into a script and performed it. Through this exploration, students understood the structure of the story, the emotions expressed in the story, as well as the beautiful feelings that fairy tales bring to people. They learned to cooperate with their peers to adapt the story and create the script and were inspired to read and create fairy tales.


Y3 Fable Stories

Buy the Case and Return the Pearl, Zou Ji


Mentor 指导老师: Ms. Tricia

“Our Chinese elective course this semester focused on the central idea that ‘points, emotions, information, and themes can be expressed in different forms of stories’ to carry out story exploration and learning. Students learned about the structure and content of stories from fables. They were taught to comprehend the principles of life, such moral principles and to show their understanding of mind maps. They were then able to adapt existing stories into scripts for performance.


Y4 Celebrity Story: The Story of Zhaojun


Mentor 指导老师 Mr. Xiong & Ms. Nancy

Wang Zhaojun is a famous name in Chinese history, and many literary works have been adapted from her stories. In the early stage, the students had a basic understanding of the story of Zhaojun and the background of the times. In the process of inquiry, through the cooperation of teachers and students to write scripts and produce storyboards, students gained a profound understanding of Zhaojun's character and the historical significance of the events in her story.  Finally, through the stage performance, the students realized that the story of Zhaojun embodied the principles of being good at communication, adventurous, open-minded, and caring, and were consistent with the Chinese people’s national spirit of unity, peace, and self-improvement.


Y5 Historical Stories


Mentor指导老师: Ms. Miya

“We have learned a lot of historical stories this year, such as The Drunken Beauty, The Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West and Dream of Red Mansions, etc. Students have made study reports according to the learning process, and explored historical stories by studying the characteristics of historical figures, the background of the times and history, the impact of the event. In the process of learning, students have developed a better understanding of key concepts such as change, impact, and responsibility. They have also shown great curiosity and mastered the techniques of in-depth inquiry.


Throughout the long history of human civilization, all civilizations have left fabulous stories. These stories are generally related to the life of human beings who eagerly want to explore nature, and imagine that everything in the world is possessed of life and will. Behind these simple stories, can be found the most primitive spiritual genes of a nation. No matter how the society develops and changes, these stories are unchanging as they express the basic feelings flowing in the blood of a nation, and they are the core spirit that supports the nation. We hope that the students of ISA tell Chinese stories and inherit Chinese culture, keep their innocence forever, and move forward.


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