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发布者:ISA Education 爱莎国际教育集团 2021-07-14 08:50:55


On April 23, 2021, Hurun Education released its list of "Hurun Education Top International Schools in China 2021". We were delighted to discover that:


ISA Tianhe International School of Guangzhou was listed in the


Top 20 international school in China


Top 20

There are only three international schools in Guangzhou on the list, ISA is sincerely grateful for all partners in the education industry as well as the parents and members of the ISA community. 


Source: Hurun Education Top International Schools in China 2021


  Assesment process 评选方式  

· One-on-one questionnaires were completed by 270 international education experts

· 胡润百学采取专家互评的方式,对270位国际教育专家开展了一对一问卷调查

· 2,325 valid votes in total, increasing by 6% over last year

· 共计获得有效选票2325张(比去年增加6%)

· Each expert nominated 8.6 schools on average

· 平均每位专家提名了8.6所学校

· 346 nominated schools, increasing by 3% over last year

· 被提名学校共计346所(比去年增加3%)

· Based on the number of votes obtained by each school, Hurun Education also took enrollment rates into consideration

· 以每所学校的得票数为主,并结合今年新增的升学情况维度

· Among the participants of the questionnaires, 72% are principals or senior teachers at international schools, 18% are investors of international schools, heads of academic institutions or groups, and 10% are from the government or the education media.

· 受访者中有72%是国际学校校长或资深老师,18%是国际学校投资人、教育机构及教育集团负责人,10%来自政府及教育媒体。

Overall, the participants of the questionnaires have expert views on international education, and a clear understanding of how international schools should be evaluated. The curriculum system, the school premises, enrollment rates, school events, school environment and running costs of each school are carefully considered. Hurun, Chairman and Chief Research Officer of the Hurun Report said: “Our top 100 list is to a great extent representative of reality; last year, among nearly 500 graduates of Chinese international schools who received admission offers from top universities in the world, including H.Y.P.S.M. universities in the U.S. and the University of Oxford in the U.K, nearly two thirds were from our “Top International Schools in China” list.” Therefore, the results of this award list are both authoritative and trustworthy.


With the strong support of international education resources and the senior leadership team from the ISA International Education Group, ISA Tianhe has assembled an experienced senior leadership team and teachers from the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa.



With the ISA Vision Statement of “Inquire. Succeed. Act.” and its guiding principles, ISA Tianhe provides a balanced education system which fuses the framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme with some of the international curriculum standards. It also contains an outstanding Chinese programme, Mother Tongue programme and a Co-curriculum.

学校秉承着“探究. 成就. 践行.”的办学愿景和指导原则,为学生提供了均衡发展的课程体系,创新性地融合了IB PYP小学探究性学习方法与多国课程标准,辅以优质的中文、母语项目及辅助课程。


Every year, the school carries out various extracurricular public welfare activities such as ISA Festival, Wetland Initiative Activity, Children’s  Hope Medical Support Home, Canteen for the Elders, PYP Exhibition and Children’s Day Celebration to enrich student life and expand students’ horizons.



The school also maintains a well-developed safety system and ability to deal with emergencies in terms of food hygiene, fire control and other logistics issues. A comprehensive education model supports the intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth of all students in a caring and supportive learning environment that enables students to engage positively and insightfully with people from diverse nationalities and cultures.


For ISA, being listed on the “Hurun Education Top International Schools in China 2021” is not only an affirmation, but also a further motivation. Since its establishment, the ISA International Education Group has been committed to providing a top international education environment and resources with multi-cultural integration. The ISA family will continue to improve through ongoing learning in this inheritance and will persist in moving forward unhindered!