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【爱莎天河】Review of ISA Summer School 收获满满的爱莎暑期班

发布者:ISA Education 爱莎国际教育集团 2021-08-03 17:42:07


How time flies! The four-week ISA Summer School has come to a successful conclusion. The children enrolled in the summer school have made new friends and experienced a wonderful learning journey.


Primary (Class 5-Class 8) 

Overview from Ms. Beth

Beth女士对暑期班小学(Class 5-Class 8)


ISA Summer School 2021 has been a great success with children of all ages enjoying the varied programme on offer. A mix of academic learning balanced with sports and creative activities provided opportunities for all children to improve their English and Maths whilst also developing a healthy body and creative mind.


The very busy schedule was made up of a variety of lessons across different specialist subjects for our Primary students (Class5-Class8).


Children enjoyed collaborating with others to solve Maths problems set by Mr. Tim.


Mr. Mike’s music classes introduced new songs and children learned lyrics to perform in assemblies. This was a great way to develop their English skills!


Mr. Paris focused on stories with morals, using Aesop’s Fables to give children valuable life lessons.


Mr. Brian focused on Communication and oral skills were enhanced with story telling as a focus.


Children really enjoyed creating and appreciating art work in Ms. Delia’s Art classes, where they also developed their understanding of various painting styles and the forces that drive the creative process.


Karate is always popular at ISA and the focus and discipline required to follow the lesson is a valuable life skill for all the students.


Coding is a key subject that all children enjoy, and the development of their IT skills is critical for their future.


PE with Mr. Tristan ensured that getting fit can be fun.


Science lessons provided an opportunity for students to participate in creating experiments and finding out about the world.


Highlights of the week were shared in assemblies in which children were invited to participate in presenting their work from the week.


The friendly and welcoming atmosphere of ISA Tianhe was evident when our own ISA children welcomed new friends and enjoyed meeting old friends and classmates too.


We wish you a happy and restful summer holiday and look forward to seeing you all next year!


Early Years (Class 1-Class 4)

overview from Ms. Angela


(Class 1-Class 4)学习之旅的回顾

As we come to the end of Summer School 2021, I wanted to reflect on some of the wonderful experiences the children and teachers have enjoyed over the last 4 weeks. I know one of the children’s favourite activities has been the splash pools. The smiles on their faces have been fantastic to see, especially those children who at the beginning of these water sessions, were a little unsure of going into the water. As a parent myself, I believe that children who happily play in water, will feel more confident and ready to then have a go at learning to swim.


Over the last 4 weeks, I have really enjoyed watching the children performing their weekly class assemblies. This is another area where under the guidance of the teachers, the children’s confidence has grown so much. Each week the children shared their fabulous art and craft work, as well as, singing and performing the actions for their class songs. Our youngest children in class 1 were amazing as they happily performed their song and told us which was their favourite animal.

在过去的四个星期里,我真的非常享受观看孩子们每周集会的表演。这对于孩子们来说是另外一片天地,在老师们的指导下,孩子们变得越来越有自信。每周孩子们都在集会上分享他们的艺术和手工作品、唱歌及表演他们为班级歌曲特别设计的舞蹈动作。尽管是最小的班级Class 1的孩子们也乐于表演他们的歌曲并在舞台上跟大家分享了他们最喜爱的动物。

I would like to say well done to all our fabulous summer school children. Thank you, Ms.  Catherine, Ms. Ciara, Ms. Hilary and Mr. Brett, for all your hard work. I wish you all a very lovely summer holiday.


We have spent a lovely time at ISA Summer School 2021! See you next Summer School!


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