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End of Year Boarding Appreciation Dinner 来自住宿生的感谢信

发布者:ISA Science City爱莎科学城 2021-07-02 13:35:37




Boarding at ISASC


Within the boarding house, we had a tradition of every Wednesday night been held as the head of school dinner, it’s a formal and joyful event, lead by the Head of School Mr. Edward.

在我们的寄宿家庭里,有一个传统——每周三晚上举行校长晚宴,这是一个正式而快乐的仪式,由总校长David Edwards先生主导。

In this special year, all ISASC members have made their own contribution to the fresh new start of the school. Big or small, it is worthy of deep gratitude. As the first residential student of ISASC. Represented by Eddie, Angela, Yoki, and Iris, the residents independently planned and organized this special buffet-style appreciation dinner to express their gratitude to the teachers and students.



As a school that emphasizes student unity and leadership, the boarding community is fully responsible for planning and setting up this dinner. At the same time, the faculty and staffs continued to support these emerging students. With their unremitting efforts and the help of teachers and staff, the dinner was held successfully and ended perfectly.



@Grade 10


Hello everyone! I am Eddie of grade 10, and I am very honored to be able to plan and arrange the appreciation dinner for this semester with Iris, Yoki and Angela. Without the help of the three of them, I might not have been able to achieve this event.



During the organisation of the dinner, I was mainly responsible for hosting the banquet and communicating the materials needed for the banquet. This seemingly simple task is actually a thorny challenge. After we determined the venue to use the gymnasium, the primary issue was to purchase carpets to protect the wooden floors. In the past, the Head of School dinner was held in the cafeteria, but due to the different materials of the two venues, the overall preparation was also quite different. To protect the wooden floors that the school has invested heavily in building for students, we need to use carpets to protect them.


Many people questioned us. Why do you have to stay in the gymnasium? You are students, can you do it well? Despite constant doubts, my team members and I have never wavered, securing time and funds for our venue. In the meantime, I am very grateful to Mr. Warren, Mr. Simon, Mr. Brian, etc. for giving us the greatest affirmation and support, helping us solve the problem of this venue, carpet and other equipment, so that the dinner can be carried out normally.

很多人质疑过我们。为什么你们非得呆在体育馆举行呢?你们是学生,能够办的好吗?尽管质疑不断,我和我的组员们也从未动摇,为我们的场地争取时间和资金。在此期间,非常感谢Mr. Warren 、Mr. Simon、Mr. Brian等等给予我们最大的肯定和支持,帮我们解决了这个场地、地毯和其他设备的问题,晚宴才得以正常进行。


This teacher thanksgiving dinner is the result of the hard work of our four representatives. Without the help of these three resourceful students, one person would not be able to accomplish so much. Thank you very much for their company along the way! In future activities, we hope that more boarding students can join our team, so that our homestay families can become a big ger platform for displaying our commitment and talents!


@Grade 8


I am Iris Liang in the 8th grade, and I am also the person in charge of the dinner venue and food. In order to make arrangements with the canteen staff, a few other students and I applied for some class time with the school to ensure that our meetings would happen as regularly. After actively communicating with teachers and school leaders, we made changes based on the actual situation.

我是八年级的Iris Liang,也是这次晚宴场地和食品的负责人。在多次的讨论和计划后,我们将晚餐的场地定在了体育馆,将用餐形式定为自助餐负责这些事项,沟通是最为必要的,但也是难度较大的。为了和餐厅职员一同安排以保证专业程度,我和其他几位同学跟学校申请了一些上课时间来确保我们的会议照常举行。除了跟餐厅沟通以外,我们还要积极与老师和学校领导沟通,根据实际情况对事物进行改动。


During this period, I really understood the hard work our seniors do. We are inexperienced and will improve on some things for next year. We need to contact different people by email. We need to make a lot of phone calls in a day to ensure that our venue and the items we need are available. For these preparations, we even need to stay up late and add some dinner tasks on the basis of learning tasks.



Fortunately, our Principal has given us the greatest support and encouragement, supporting us when we encounter any difficulties, and taking time out of busy schedule to communicate with us many times. At the same time, there are other teachers who specially support us. On behalf of all the students who live on campus, I would like to express my deep gratitude! I will still go all out for the next event!


@Grade 8


Hi, I'm Yoki from grade 8. In our last Principal's dinner of the semester, I was mainly responsible for multimedia, music and lighting, assisted by Juha and Haden from Grade 8. We also met some problems in the Principal dinner, like the communication was difficult because our radio channel were not the same and there are delays when using a mobile phone, one of the biggest problems is that our basketball box cannot be raised, so our LED large screen was blocked. This is a weakness of ours, but our Principal and the dormitory administrators are very pleased with our achievement. I personally feel good about all our preparation and reaction, and I hope we can have the opportunity to contribute to the school next year!

大家好,我是八年级的Yoki!在我们这个学期最后一个校长晚宴中,我主要负责多媒体、音乐以及灯光,协助我的还有八年级的Juha 和 Haden。我们在这次校长晚宴中也遇到了不少问题,例如我们的沟通会因为对讲机的出现故障而有些困难、用手机联系时会有延迟,一个很影响现场效果的问题就是其中一个在大屏幕前的篮球框安全栓断了,导致我们无法升起篮球框 ,从而挡住我们的LED大屏幕影响现场效果。虽然我们仍然有很多需要改进,但是我们的付出已经让这次晚宴近乎完美,也得到了许多人的认可。这次的活动让我发觉了自己的领导能力,增进了自己的时间管理能力。我个人也对我们全部的准备以及临场反应很有成就感,虽然有许多美中不足,但大家的努力都是值得被肯定的。希望明年我们还能有机会帮助学校完成这样的任务。

@Grade 8


Hi! I’m Angela Wen from grade 8. It’s been a lovely experience contributing to the ISA community with all our great staff and friends, I’m glad that I’ve made the choice of choosing ISA, and would like to show my respect towards all the teachers and the founders of ISA Science City. For this event, the school gave Eddie, Iris, Yoki, and I the opportunity to be the main advisors. I’m thankful for the trust that the school placed in us, even though it was a hard task, we still managed to get through the challenges we faced. During this experience, I’ve discovered more about teamwork, and personal responsibility. All together, we’ve successfully held this event together with my main part being sending out invitations. I’m proud of what we’ve done, but we always have room for more improvements.

我是 8 年级的 Angela Wen。与所有优秀的员工和朋友一起为ISASC做出贡献是一次愉快的经历,很高兴我选择ISASC,并想表达我对ISASC社区和ISASC的所有老师和创始人的倾佩和感谢。对于本次活动,学校给了 Eddie、Iris、Yoki 和我担任主要顾问的机会。感谢学校对我们的信任,尽管任务艰巨,但我们还是克服了所面临的挑战。在这次经历中,我发现了更多的团队合作,并感受到了我的责任。总之,我们成功举办了这次活动,我的主要部分是发出邀请。就我个人而言,我为我们所做的感到自豪,但我们总是有更多改进的空间。

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