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上海宏润博源:诵读中外经典 聆听美心声

发布者:上海宏润博源 2020-11-05 14:04:33



Reciting classics from both home and abroad, Listening to the most beautiful voices within.




Today, the school auditorium ran over with a scholarly atmosphere.The Recital Contest, which was part of the SHBS2020 Reading Festival, and which had been prepared for a long time, was going on.

参赛的个人有用原版语言朗读的作品,如吴文昊同学的The Letter to Eva Hesse, 激昂的语调加上沉稳的男低音,令同学们感到好像自己就是写信的人;史宇琪同学和狄子婷同学的Sonnet,安静的背景音乐让人沉溺在英文的优美中;而蔡晗啸同学是唯一一个用法语朗诵的同学,浪漫的语言与时尚的风情,在流利的法语中展现得淋漓尽致。

Some contestants chose to recite works in their original language. William Wu, one of the contestants,recited “The letter to Eva Hesse” in a vigorous tone and with a steady bass, making the audience feel as if he had written the letter by himself.The other two contestants, Reddy Shi and Judy Di, recited “Sonnet” to the accompaniment of quiet music,enchanting the audience with the elegance of the English language. Hanxiao Cai was the only contestant that did his recitation in French,and he thoroughly revealed the romance and fashion of the French language by speaking it fluently.


Others, however, chose to recite original works composed by parents and students themselves. “HongRun Boyuan Ode to Joy”recited by Grade 10 Chinese Class S+ was a poem composed for SHBS by the father of Charlotte Li, a student from Class 2 Grade 10. Lynn liao read aloud “Rainy”, a poem composed by herself. “ I still remember you opening an umbrella for me on that stormy night.” Harry Wang and Michael Kong recited “Chinese Ink Painting”by working together to apply the atmosphere of traditional Chinese painting to the whole auditorium.



Many group performances were inserted in between the above recitations. Grade 10 Chinese Class S recited “Hero Poetry, A young Man’s Anthem”in such an imposing manner that they received warm applause.Grade 9 Chinese H class impressed the audience with their “April Cambridge”. Boys and girls took turns to recite “Saying good-bye to Cambridge again” and “April Rhapsody”, telling us the romance between Zhimo Xu and Huiyin Lin.

Members from the Chinese language and culture club brought us “ Mountain stream to find the fellow”. Wearing ancient Han costumes, Boya Yu and Ziqi Zhong, two characters in the play talked fluently to each other, and they also presented impressive poetry recitation.


The majority of the contestants recited poems or essays in Chinese, of course. Anna Xiao conveyed the spirit of poplar trees to the audience by reciting “Poplar of the west wind”, which is a well-known excerpt taken from the Chinese textbook. After walking to the centre of the stage and adapting himself to giving his own performance, he recited “Homesickness”. “Homesickness is just like one after another short tombs,and is also like a shallow strait.”His recitation brought tears to the audience’s eyes. 

掌声如雷鸣的是顾政同学诵读的《庶民的胜利》,配以欢快而雄伟的曲子,似乎将观众们带入了演讲现场;沈信廷同学的《茶》,细致地向我们讲述了泡茶的步骤,礼堂的人仿佛“陶醉在那茶水的芳香中”;徐越冬同学的《Swan’s way》使人有一种身处森林湖泊的朦胧感。

Muphy Gu recited “The Triumph of the Plebeian” to the accompaniment of joyful and grand music, making the audience feel as if they were personally on the scene, drawing thunderous applause. Kevin Shen recited

“Tea”, telling the audience the steps of making tea in detail and enchanting the audience with the fragrance of tea.Daniel Xu recited “Swan’s way”, giving the audience a hazy feeling as if they were by a lake in the forest.



Wendy Wang recited “I’m standing on the chain Bridge”, which, in my opinion, was the most affectionate recitation I’d ever heard at today’s CAS session. Wendy depicted a solemn patriotism, and interpreted with her body language the scenes in which warriors fought through a hail of bullets.

Last but not least, Peter Zhang recited “qiang jin jiu”, a poem by the famous poet Li bai of Tang Dynasty, in measured tones.


Our recital contest themed “Youth.Splendor”was concluded and the audience’s applause still lingered around in the auditorium. We are grateful to Mr. Tony Wang and all the contestants for making dedicated efforts to bring us such a wonderful performance.