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With the first weeks of the new school year over, there are sure to be many emotions you feel as parents. Relief that we as parents have our children back at school! Perhaps some concern on how our child is settling into new classes with new teachers and new friends. If our children can talk to us about their day, we know that we can help them be happier and more successful as they learn. 


As parents one of the very important things to consider when school starts is that your child brings their ‘narrative’ home every day.  Feelings like tiredness and hunger can hugely influence a young persons’ mood when telling their story.  This changes what they tell you and how they might tell you at that time.   




Tip #1 

Feed them before or while discussing their day! 



Tip #2 

A great way to develop empathy in a family is by gently questioning our child after they have told you their version of the day about how other people were affected or might feel. What might have been going on for other students or the teacher at the time?  



Tip #3 

Perhaps 3 questions at any one time are sufficient.  Try and let them finish their story first without interrupting. 


Most importantly, at least once a week, just ‘Be’ with your child in their world.  Play with the Lego together, go for a walk or, have yum cha. No cellphone time, no school questions and no business calls!  Just quality time together. Doing so will make your child more likely to open up about their time at school and eventually you will find that that you need not have to prompt them at all. 



Mr. Graeme Martin

Student Services Team 学生服务团队

Mr. Graeme Martin

Student Services Coordinator


Graeme is an internationally registered counsellor with the IAC and has been counselling in New Zealand schools for 14 years. Graeme is passionate about supporting young people to set goals, understand choices and outcomes, then achieve to the best of their ability in a school context. He has been involved in career counselling and overseas university applications for the past five years while heading up Student Services at the Internationally respected Auckland Grammar. Registered as a teacher, Graeme’s original teaching subjects were in humanities in which he has a Bachelor of Arts. Graeme has a Masters in Business Administration plus post graduate diplomas in Teaching and Counselling and a certificate in Neuroscience applications to counselling. Through supporting Kickboxing and MMA fighters in recent years, Graeme has been able to further develop his understanding of counselling concepts like ‘resilience’ and working with ‘anxiety’. He has lived and worked in Japan, Singapore, Australia and England.

Graeme Martin以学生服务协调员这一重要职务身份加入爱莎科学城,成为了学校创校团队的一员。学生服务部门将密切关注学生需求的动向,提供咨询与支持服务,还将为学生提供未来就业发展指引,以及与大学申请相关的支持,对学生在校园内的发展起到至关重要的作用。在事业的起步期,Graeme作为人文与辅导老师踏入中学教育领域,目前已拥有25年的教育工作经验。Graeme拥有工商管理硕士学位(MBA),他还在新西兰和澳大利亚的企业有相关工作经验。目前,Graeme是一名注册咨询师。在加入爱莎科学城之前,Graeme最近在公认的“南半球最好的学校”之一的奥克兰文法学校工作,担任学生服务体系的主要管理者。每年,这所享有盛誉的学校源源不断地为世界各地的顶尖一流大学输送优秀的毕业生。 

Ms. Jinju Im

School Counsellor


Jinju joined ISA Science City Internaitonal School as the School Counsellor at the beginning of August 2020.  Jinju is a registered counsellor with the ACA. In Australia, she completed her Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She had specialised training for supporting young people who had a traumatic childhood from forced immigration and domestic violence. Jinju very much enjoyed bringing positive changes to young people, and decided to continue developing her career working with young people. As a school counsellor, Jinju’s primary role is to promote the mental health of all students. Jinju is very much looking forward to offering support to students and staff in the classroom and through school activities.